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    Using disk space?


      I have a 120GB SSD in my PC. When I started using after effects today I had 59GB left on it. I know this precisely because I checked before I started rendering anything to it. Now after rendering a 920KB file to it, I'm somehow down to 44GB :S Anybody know what has caused this? I'm using after effects CS6. Could it be because I did a number of RAM Previews?

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6

          Probably not.  However, due to the paucity of information you have given us, we have no way to diagnose the true cause of your problem.

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            Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

            Media cache, disk cache, temporary files from multiprocessor rendering, temporary files required for encoding compressed formats. Take your pick and check the relevant points in the prefs. And yeah, Dave is right - "sparse data" may be all the trend in database computing, but it doesn't help here.



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              bogiesan Level 4

              15 gigs just disappeared? Open the Windows directory analysis tools and start looking for every filethat your system has created since you started the project, visible and invisible. That will tell you something and then you can tell us and then we can tell you what to look for in AE.

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                Auroraah96 Level 1

                I've discovered that it cannot be After Effects that caused this because I have since reinstalled my Operating System (For another reason), deleted all the old data from before the reinstall, and still this 15GB is missing :S I'm going to contact Corsair about it.

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                  Auroraah96 Level 1

                  Thanks for the help everyone I did some more digging into my had drive and discovered that After Effects had created a 'pagefile.sys' 8GB in size, every time I RAM Preview, exactly the amount of RAM I have installed, when I reopen that project the RAM Preview is already complete if I click it, so I set my computer to delete this file every time I shutdown and now the file is gone. Also I had forgotten to disable Hibernation and it just happened to create the hibernation file at the same time, 6GB in size, combined creating the 14GB missing space