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    authorization count still not reset


      HIya, had a chat with "Das" on Saturday.  I now have a new Nook (Old one got dropped in the bathtub by my 1 year old).  I cannot get it to accept library books as I have "too many activations" error.


      Following my chat with Das; he assured me that the authorization count would be reset "within Wednesday" which was 5 days to begin with.  It is now Thursday night and I have not heard anything and continue to receive the same error.


      I am posting this since the chat lines are all busy and have been for a while.  Any other way of getting help with this?


      Thanks, Ed


      Copy and paste of Chat:

      Das: Hello! Welcome to Adobe Customer Service.

      Das: Hi Ed.

      Das: May I please have your email address registered with Adobe while I review your request?

      Ed: (I cut out email as I do not want it posted on web)

      Ed: TY

      Das: Thank you for the email address.

      Das: You are welcome.

      Das: May I know which software you are referring too?

      Ed: Adobe digital editions

      Das: May I place the chat on hold for 2-3 minutes while I  check the information for you?

      Ed: OK. I am going to run downstairs for a minute also.

      Das: Sure!

      Ed: OK i am back

      Das: I will try to reset the activations count for your software so that you will no longer get this error and will be able to use the software again, Will the be fine?

      Ed: .Yes. Does this mean I will need to reactivate my other 2 devices that use it? (Pocket edge reader and smartphone with aldiko?)

      Ed: And computer of course

      Das: Thank you for waiting. One moment please.

      Das: Please stay online, I am checking the information for you.

      Ed: OK

      Das: Sorry for the wait. Please do stay online.

      Das: You will have access to activate the same in the new device after I reset the activation.

      Ed: ok, you can just reset, i will reactivate as needed.

      Ed: Should I continue to wait?

      Das: I am really sorry to inform you that, I need to escalate the issue to the concerned team, they will fix the issue and will give the resolution within 2-3 business days, would it be okay?

      Das: I have already transferred the issue to the concerned team.

      Ed: OK I guess. I hoped that this would be easier to deal with, I am sure I am not the only person with multiple devices.

      Das: I am really sorry for that, it will be fixed within 2-3 business days.

      Ed: I will be unable to get this resolved before tuesday or Wed????

      Ed: Will I receive an email or something when it is done?

      Das: Within Wednesday, It will be solved.

      Das: Sure, you will get the confirmation mail.

      Ed: OK thanks for your assistance.

      Das: You are welcome.

      Das: Is there anything else I can help you with?

      Ed: i think i am all set. I am going to email a copy of this if you are done.

      Das: Sure.

      Das: Thank you for contacting Adobe.  We are available 7 days a week, 24 hours a day. Goodbye!

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          echitch Level 1

          SO actually it turns out there are bigger problems maybe.  I still do not have a resolution but they tell me now I need to start a web support case.  I have done so, but am open to any feedback.  I have not burned at least one library book loan and am on my way to more. 


          And everything is a 3-4 day wait... 

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            Sorry - the only people who can reset the count are at the other end of the

            Chat line....



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              I'm having this same issue and it makes me sick. I bought an ebook and downloaded aldiko. Well now drm has locked my book, I can't authorize my phone because it says I have to many activations and if I try to use another app it says I can't open until I've removed drm.


              I posted 30 bucks for a book that I can't even open now. I should be able to purchase a book and do whatever I want with it without having to worry about some stupid program monitoring my use of it.

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                echitch Level 1

                I did get my reactivations done (actually pretty quickly) following the initiation of my web case.  Agreed that having only a 1/2 dozen activations is unduly restricitive, but what are you gonna do.  I did stop purchasing books through Adobe in part for that reason.  NOt sure that Nook will ulitmately be any better. but Oh well.

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                  Let's start with your assumption that you should be able to read an ebook

                  on your phone.  ADE supports certain devices and those are listed


                  Not a phone among them.  Sorry.  That means you can't transfer ebooks to

                  your phone by attaching the device to your computer and then using ADE to

                  do the move.  If you try to hook up directly to the website and download

                  the ebook you bought to your phone, you'll have to follow their

                  directions.  ADE will be out of that loop totally.  However, Adobe did make

                  the software that manages digital rights.  The website where you bought the

                  ebook may - or may not - require that the device you are downloading to (in

                  this case, your phone) support the Adobe DRM protocol.  Aldiko, the app on

                  your phone, may do that.  I don't know.  Confusing, isn't it?


                  Next up, DRM.  That issue relates to the Digital Millenium Copyright Act of

                  2000, which permits the people who sold you the ebook, the authors and

                  other places like a library to restrict where you can put it.  It's an

                  assumption on your part to think that you can make copies or transfer

                  ebooks to some other device, or "...do anything I want with it....".  If

                  DRM is telling you that you can't make a copy or transfer the ebook to

                  another device, it's not something that ADE can or should do anything

                  about.  Neither would Aldkio - all ereading software abides by the

                  provisions that the industry implemented to support digital rights.  Except

                  the pirates, of course.


                  Last - but certainly not least -  when you talk about authorization counts,

                  I assume you're talking about them on your computer, not your phone.  Adobe

                  technical support is the only place you can get that reset, because they're

                  the only people with access to the central file where that count is

                  stored.  Be persistent - the Adobe reps may try to blow you off.  Tying it

                  all up, while ADE does not support a phone (or most Android devices), if

                  you try to hook up to one, you will burn one of your four device

                  authorizations, and I'm thinking that you've tried to attach you phone more

                  than once, hence the issue.


                  My suggestion is to do some digging and find out how you're supposed to use

                  Aldiko on your phone, and how you hook up with ebooksellers.  Then, go back

                  to the site where you bought the ebook and figure out how they can reload

                  it to your phone.


                  Hope this helps!


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                    darknes66 Level 1

                    Everything was done from my galaxy nexus smart phone. I've never used my computer or tablet to download ebooks and I never heard of drm until I downloaded aldiko. I previously used kobos app with no issue but I wanted to try something different. My issue is that there is no way for me to manage my device authorizations. The only device I've ever authorized is my smart phone. What is happening is that I've wiped my phones data several times. Each time I do that I have to reregister with drm. Drm is showing that I have multiple devices authorized but in reality it is just one phone.

                    Thanks for explaining what drm is on this thread and the one that I started. I suppose I will just have to do a little more research next time I download an app like aldiko.

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                      echitch Level 1

                      I did pretty much the same thing.  Never wiped or redid authorization on my computer (actually, I did once, when I got a new computer), only on external devices, namely my smartphone.  Since I wiped that a few times, I went over the count.


                      I understand DRM, but having it be this much of a hassle to reset the count is obnoxious.  And I will not choose to buy further books if it takes 2-3 weeks and several hours to "reset a count"


                      I am sure Nook is not going to be much better the next time I have an issue with them; but I do wish that the industry could get a little more solidly in support of this.  Ebooks just could be so much more convenient.


                      BTW, I do use Aldiko on my phone and it does support ADE DRM.  

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                        darknes66 Level 1

                        I guess the reason why I'm so irritated by this is because my book was getting really good. had I known all this mess was going to happen I would have bought the paper back

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                          Good luck.  There's not much that we users of Digital Editions can do for

                          you if you're not using the product on a computer.



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                            May I make a slight correction?  It's not 'ADE DRM': it's just DRM.  If the

                            software you're using is Aldiko, then it has implemented digital rights,

                            but tht implementation has nothing to do with Adobe Digital Editions.  It

                            has to do with the method of DRM that Adobe itself created.