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    CS6 has problems with Cannon .mxf files that CS5 plays fine

    Stephen_Spider Level 3

      On CS6 there are occational visual glitches that resembles DV drop out. A 1 hr spanned clip has audio going out of synch, audio length not matching video lenth.


      Camera: Cannon XF100

      Footage : 720p 60fps 35mbs

      system Windows 7 Pro

      premiere CS6.01

      Core I7 930

      16 GB ram

      sysem drive: 128GB SSD

      2 X 1TB media drives



      The same clips copied from the same flash card to a CS5 system plays without visual or audio glitches.

      Core I7960


      12GB ram

      1tb media drive



      Any clue to why CS6 is having issues with the same footage CS5 is working beautifully with?