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    Stabilizing a clip

    bluzdawg Level 1

      Let me try this approach to my problem - can someone advise me on the simple step-by-step method of stablizing a clip.  I would like to (I THINK) keep each clip as a "standalone" processed clip identified by it's original numeric reference, and i'm not sure if i should leave AE open and running while i search for the next clip in my sequence to stablize, or shut it down after stablizing each clip, and if i should save the stablized clip as "clip33stablized" or something on that order, OR if none of that is necessary at all; i just need to assimilate the processed clip as it dynamically links back to Pr.


      I am used to finding workarounds as an experienced AVID user, but am new to Pr - i have the complete suite CS5.5; plenty of horsepower dell 8300 8G at 3.4 Ghz  and 5TB  storage.


      At this point, all i need to do with AE is stabilization, and have gotten it to work correctly - USUALLY - but have had a few quirky exceptions - namely, that the processed clip i end up with in Pr is NOT the clip i just stabilized...with the same result after several different approaches.


      hopefully i have the vocabulary correct enough to explain myself..


      thanks for any help!

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          Dave LaRonde Level 6



          Don't you get it? You have to do your homework, which seems to be something you don't want to do!  Until you do, you will get nowhere!  Do you not understand this?  How do you think you're going to learn one of the most complex applications on the planet?  With nice thoughts, or something?


          Do your flippin' homework, and leave us alone until you do.

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            bluzdawg Level 1

            Dave - I'm sorry i have wasted your time with such annoying questions, but somewhere i got the impression that this "user forum" was


            for discussion of problems with the software.   Maybe i'm in the wrong part of the forum for what i'm asking about.   I appreciate that


            you have responded, but you seem inordinately harsh about this.   I HAVE gone through the help videos, and have had mostly good


            results, working as expected, so i'm NOT approaching AE like a pac-man game, just playing or using it like a word processor, which


            reference still baffles me, but...


            At this point, all i need to do is stablize clips, and have been foiled by a few unexpected results.   Maybe i didn't make that clear.


            Maybe the real issue is you DON'T KNOW the answer to my original post regarding AE processed clips in Pr being a clip other than


            the one i just stabilized, and have decided to tell me to "leave us alone" ( are you speaking for everyone on the forum?).


            At any rate, i appreciate getting SOME response, even if it comes across as a put-down, rather than working with a fellow user to


            determine a solution.  


            Don't belittle small beginnings, even if you are king of Some sort of heap.     Premiere and it's associated suite is a complete bureacracy


            of software that appeals to some.   I was just hoping to cut some red tape here.   


            Perhaps you feel a bit superior to me as an Avid user?  I'll have to admit that of all the forums i have enjoyed, my initial experience with


            this one comes as a bit of a surprise, but i'd really rather just get a straight answer - the reason i'm in HERE asking is because the help


            videos do NOT address my question.     So referring me back to them in the manner you have perhaps strokes your own ego somehow,


            and i WILL go through them again, but i'm all for simplifying the process.   I'm sure in the years ahead i will enjoy AE as much as you must,


            but as a relative beginner, i don't think you need to start your replies with "NO!"      What possible gain is there with that?


            You may be an expert but all you've done is refer me to the help tutorials, and NOT answered the question.

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              bluzdawg Level 1

              AND, as i pursue this further, it seems as though the issue is NOT with AE, but with the dynamic link - do you have a resource to suggest on


              troubleshooting in that area?

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                BenjaminMarkus Level 4

                I am familiar with the warp stabilizer in AE 5.5 and 6 and I might be able to give you some advice.  If you're mostly having issues with trying to figure how to go in between the two programs, I might not be the best person to ask.  But, I'd be happy to look into it.

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                  bluzdawg Level 1

                  BenMarkus ~


                  Thanks for the response, but it appears at this point to not be a Stablizer issue at all -

                  that's working fine for me.  


                  again, the issue is that stabilized clips, once they are processed and appearing in Pr,

                  have some sort of indexing issue or something - specifically, the clip will appear normal,

                  with the proper poster frame, and the wrong video (!?)which may or may not be the

                  most recent clip to have been stabilized.   ...OR the wrong poster frame AND the

                  wrong video.  several attempts at workarounds have yielded various results -

                  from having the correct video, once it's been rendered, to reverting to an unstabilized

                  clip.  The workarounds have included a media browser import, insderting/overwriting

                  from source monitor, placing the clip further down the timeline (later), producing "correct"

                  results, but then wrong again, when placed where it should be on the timeline..


                  i have "cleaned the media cache database, but the problem persists...looking for "next?"

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                    bluzdawg Level 1

                    Andrew -


                    thanks for your response - please see my reply to BenMarkus, detailing the issue

                    as best i can at this point.   


                    I don't think it's a stabilizer issue at all.  

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                      Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                      Give us more details, then we'll be able to help you better.

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                        bluzdawg Level 1

                        Kevin~  thanks for your offer to help with this...


                        attatched is the response i have written,  per your request for more details....

                        as a relavtive newbie, i am doing my best to assimilate the huge topic

                        of AE, but only want to use the stabilizer for now:


                        •What version of After Effects? Include the minor version number (e.g., After Effects CS5.5 with the 10.5.1 update).

                        Cs 5.5 with the update

                        •Have you installed the recent updates? (If not, you should. They fix a lot of problems.)

                        Entire package was installed less than 90 days ago – is there a more recent update?

                        •What operating system? This should include specific minor version numbers, like "Mac OSX v10.6.8"---not just "Mac".

                        I’m running windows 7 home premium version 6.1 build 7601 SP1

                        •What kind(s) of source footage? When telling about your source footage, tell us about the codecs, not just the container types. For example, "H.264 in a .mov container", not just "QuickTime".    Please tell me how to get info per your suggestion (like H.264…) etc


                        copied from properties:


                        File Path: C:\Users\Don\Videos\2012-05-14 como shoot\00001.MTS

                        Type: MPEG Movie

                        File Size: 132.8 MB

                        Image Size: 1920 x 1080

                        Frame Rate: 29.97

                        Source Audio Format: 48000 Hz - compressed - Stereo

                        Project Audio Format: 48000 Hz - 32 bit floating point - Stereo

                        Total Duration: 00:00:53:00

                        Average Data Rate: 2.5 MB / second

                        Pixel Aspect Ratio: 1.0


                        •If you are getting error message(s), what is the full text of the error message(s)? 

                        Following is a step-by-step Sequence:  (I am only documenting this as I go, and may NOT be the precise

                        Steps I had taken before. )


                        select clip on PrPro timeline, r click and select “replace with AE comp”; AE opens, and I name the project;

                        AE opens.  I select my footage from the project panel, where there are 3 items listed. 00003.mts (my footage), and

                        “MPEG” as the type…and aqua label  in the center with the standard AV file windows icon (a film strip with a

                        musical note superimposed) – above it is an  Item with the same name, 000003.mts, a film strip icon and 

                        sandstone label; the preview at the topshows this as the 1440X1080 (1.33) composition panel item, and the

                        one below says “ZOOshoot linked comp #65”,the ZOOShoot being the name of the PrPro project. 


                        At this point, the indicator bar color in the timeline panel has changed to aqua from sandstone and

                        composition panel has three tabs showing composition 000003.mts, footage 00003.mts,and layer 00003.mts. 

                        I select layer, and the composition panel now shows the timeline ruler and expected icons along

                        the bottom of the panel.  I select Animation/Stabilize Motion from the top menu, and the stabilizer starts up, tracking

                        it’s progress. 


                        I can see on my other monitor that the clip I originally selected turned to a lilac color as soon as it was

                        linked to AE (not sure if before or after naming the clip). After the stabilizer completes, the clip area render bar in

                        PrPro turns yellow, and I “render entire work area”.  The clips plays normally.  The audio portion has not changed

                        Color, as expected, and I see from the descriptor on the audio portion that this particular clip had and extended

                        Duration, playing at 68.22 %, but apparently integrated into the stabilization, since the clip fits perfectly.  

                        Step #2 – I select a second clip, later in the timeline,  right click and select “repl w AE comp” –, which is still running,

                        And I have NOT saved the previous clip  THIS time, there is  No request to name the project, which is a bit confusing to me, since THIS clip is definitely different, HOWEVER, AE responds with “saving project” popup window, and takes

                        A second to save it,  before The new clip actually appears in the project panel.  The appropriate three items appear

                        In the project panel, along with the original clip data that was already there.  Other than the clip numbers now being

                        00010, the linked comp number has incremented, as expected.  I select each “00010” item, and make sure that IT is

                        The image in the composition panel;. 


                        AT this point, I am ceasing the processing, since I now have a situation where

                        The composition panel is showing inconsistent results in the tabs; i.e., composition 00010, footage 00010, and layer

                        1. 00003.   I use ctrl-Z to back my way out, until there is NOTHING in the project panel,  and the selected clip

                        In PrPro has now reverted from it’s lilac color – I begin the process over, notice that AE does NOT request a project name,  but now the project panel has only items referring to clip 00010.   It may be that I have heretofore not

                        Observed each change along the way,  but, even though having gone through the “basics” tutorials many times,

                        Have found no reference to specific steps that I am missing. 


                        •What were you doing when the problem occurred?    See above

                        •Has this ever worked before?  YES

                        •What other software are you running?   Usually nothing other than PrPro and AE, possibly Internet Explorer, and

                        MS Word, for reference and documentation. 

                        •Do you have any third-party effects or codecs installed?   Not that I am aware of…

                        •Tell us about your computer hardware. Include CPU type and number of processor cores, amount of RAM installed, GPU, number of disk drives, and how any external drives are connected.  Dell 8300 8 processors # 3.5 Ghz, 5TB storage

                        W 1.5 os drive, 3 external WD drives, 500G, 1T, 2T, those drives being USB

                        •Do you have any third-party I/O hardware (e.g., AJA, Matrox, Blackmagic, MOTU)? NO

                        •Are you using OpenGL features in After Effects?   I guess not…(?)

                        •Does the problem only happen with your final output, RAM preview, or both?   Originally, before problems developed,

                        I was using no preview at all, just returning to PrPro and rendering the stabilized clip.

                        •Are you using Render Multiple Frames Simultaneously multiprocessing  NO


                        NOTE:   At this point, All I need to use in AE is the Stabilizer;  being referred to the tutorials that “open an entire

                        World” of movie manipulation and FX is not helpful; I am perfectly willing to study that portion that relates

                        To my issue here, but have spent way too much time with non-useful tutorials.   In the interim, it has been

                        Suggested that the entire issue is with the dynamic link, and that I could simply START the process in AE, and

                        Export the link to my PrPro project, which is an acceptable workaround for me. 


                        Thanks, Don.