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    Ridiculous export time? Help?


      Hi all. First time posting here so I'll try to be as descriptive as I can.


      I'm trying to export out my senior project for college from Premiere. We're burning them to DVDs and since it's my senior project I have to make it into professional quality. Else I'd just export it into H264 like most of my other videos. It's total running time is 07:16:04 I'm trying to render it out in 720P60, since I think that's what I set the sequence up to be. Now when I go to render it I leave the audio uncompressed. Now I wait a short amount of time to see what the total time to export it out would be. I go off and do some other things and come back and it's at over 91 hours. I'm not sure if I'm doing something wrong or if it's trying to convert something into something else. I just think that's probably not right at all, given the length of the seqence itself, while also having ten second of black at the beginning and end.


      So basically my question is are there other things I should be checking? Or is that just what the standard export time for that is? Cause I'm kiiiiinda opposed to just leaving such a project open while I sleep hoping that my external hard drive is connected in case the laptop goes into sleep mode and then possibly prematurely ejects the drive.


      Thanks for the help guys.