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    [Step backwards \ layer change] preference option.  Seriously.

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      Do a google search and see just how many people are sick and tired of this stupid "feature". Here's one of my favorites in this very forum: http://forums.adobe.com/message/3649363   That's a year ago now.  But look further and you'll find many more, and see that people are completely frustrated by this, even resorting to scripts (which I just tried, but unfortunately it didn't work). 




      But look at this another way. 




      Think of all the delighted and relieved people all wanting to thank you once you put in the option that allows us to sidestep this long-term problem a growing number of us have.  Particularly, illustrators. 


      Seriously.  That's a lot of good will right there.



      Can someone step up to the plate on this one?