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    In-RIP Separations not working as i need it

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      I need help for topic. I have InDesign file with spot colors and need to make "clean" print without them.

      Problem is that besides spot colors used in file there is linked images with those spots so can't temporally remove spot channel.

      And In-RIP separations (using Adobe PDF) it makes something terrible. Switching off these spots as result i get mutant with no cmyk but one spot channel on and

      second partly on (and one piece of cmyk). Don't understand why that's happen and how to fix it.


      As test i make InDesing just with 5 text boxes (cyan, magenta, yellow, black and some pantone) and colored them by they names. And try to use In-RIP on that file.

      Trully R.I.P.. Switching anything on and off (for example, magenta and black on and everything else off) the result are always the same - all 5 colors!!!


      I quess there is some little checkbox somewhere in preferences which can make my day but where it is?


      Any advice?



      P.S. Windows XP, Indesgn 5.5