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    Hyperlinks on master pages not working after distilling (InDesign CS4)




      We have started using weblinks in the PDF versions of my print magazine.


      As PDFs exported in InDesign are bloated, we use this workflow for creating the PDF issues:


      Export print-ready PDFs of layouts in InDesign CS4 (Mac)

      Combine PDFs into a single file in Acrobat 9.5.1

      Crop pages and export combined PDF as PostScript file

      Distill PostScript file in Distiller 9.5.1 using default "Smallest File Size" (with Page Thumbnails) setting


      We hyperlink all web addresses in the body copy.


      We also hyperlink the magazine's website address on the primary master page (A). All of the other master pages in the magazine are based on A-Master.


      We create hyperlinks by selecting the link, using the New Hyperlink command in the Hyperlink panel, and uncheck the Shared Hyperlink option.


      When we export the layouts using InDesign – either using our printer's settings or InDesign's Smallest File Size setting – the links contained on the master page work.


      But these links disappear when our PostScript file is distilled into a PDF.


      I know there is a bug in CS5.5 that can cause this problem. But is there any workaround or solution for this in CS4?