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    OMF export for Pyramix and ProTools not working correctly

    sn0wctrl Level 1

      I am exporting OMF files of very simple timelines (30 second promos) for an audio guy based in another part of the country to do audio post.


      He is using Pyramix 7.1.10 and ProTools 9.1, while I'm outputting from Premiere 6.0.1


      The problem is that when he imports the .OMF (which is exported 24bit, trimmed audio, encapsulated files), one leg of the music track is always missing


      This happens the same in both ProTools and Pyramix


      Has anyone else had this happen?  Am I missing something? Is there a workaround?


      All help appreciated





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          sn0wctrl Level 1



          Timeline consists of audio tracks:


          1st - contains a mono .aiff

          2nd - contains stereo audio from the video footage (.mov files)

          3rd - contains a stero music file (a .wav)


          When imported into Pyramix or ProTools, the mono .aiff in the first track is interpreted as stero, and the music file in 3rd track is treated as mono, losing one of it's channels


          We've managed to get around this by switching the contents of the 1st and 3rd tracks in Premiere before OMF export - Premiere then exports an .omf that imports correctly....


          Does this sound familiar to anyone?  Is there something we can do to avoid these problems?  The same issue described here has hapenned the same in a seet of different timelines in a set of different Premiere projects

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            Charles VW Adobe Employee

            You pointed out what I think the channelization is of the clips, but not necessarily the tracks.


            If you have a mono clip (e.g. from a mono audio file), and put that on a Stereo track, then when it comes time for OMF export, we would treat that as Stereo and there would be two mono clips on two mono tracks (respectively) inside the OMF file (OMF only supports mono clips on mono tracks, there was a notion of a stereo track in OMF, but it causes compatibility problems and usage is not suggested).


            Likewise, if you have a Stereo clip on a Mono track, the two channels of the stereo clip will be mixed-down to mono, and there will only be one mono clip on one mono track inside the OMF.


            Let me know if any of the above doesn't apply to your situation and we can look for other solutions.

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              I am a post audio mixer working in ProTools, and I have the same issue, just a little more complicated.


              The editors I work with handle a variety of projects, most of which use sound shot with EFP cameras.  The audio recorded on these cameras is "stereo" in the sense that there are indeed 2 tracks as a single interleaved file, however, the content is dual mono, with the 2 tracks either being 2 lav mics, or a lav and the camera mic.


              Is there any way in Premiere that this can be put onto 2 mono tracks, that are then exported as mono tracks, rather than being doubled up in the ProTools session?  Adaptive tracks don't seem to work in this situation.  The editors have tried a variety of things, none of which seem to make a difference.


              Also, regarding stereo music ... that too has been exported to me as a mono file, even though it was supposedly put onto a stereo track in Premiere.


              Thanks for any insights.