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    Premiere Pro CS6 Positives...

    tclark513 Level 3

      Can people chime in about their positive experiences with Premiere CS6?


      More things on this forum are negative rather then positive understanding that this is where people come for solutions to their problems.


      I am getting ready to install CS6 but wanted to hear if people are actually completing projects with CS6 or are they spending to much time chasing bugs?  My workflow at the moment is more HDV based but would like to hear ALL positive experiences.  Does the HDV workflow have any issues?



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          cfg_2451 Level 2

          People who don't have problems typically are working it and don't have time to post. If the forum is about finding answers to questions, why post if you don't have a question or an answer to someone else's question?


          But to jolly you along, I recently upgraded from CS5 to CS6 and have been largely quite happy. It's a pretty big improvement, especially the replacement of the jog control with JKL controls. I didn't think I'd like it, but now that I've used it on a couple of jobs I wouldn't go back if I could.


          Come on in, the water's fine.

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            tclark513 Level 3

            Why post??  Interesting question.  Just because people have problems doesnt mean they don't have good experinces.  I thought the post explained itself but thanks for replying!

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              Harm Millaard Level 7

              People who have no problems usually don't post here,  since they have no reason to ask for a solution to a problem they dont have. Well there are exceptions like myself. But in general that rule is valid.


              However, those that post here with a problem they want a solution for, are usually:


              • MAC users. Mostly because they have to grow accustomed to native editing instead of ProRes or QT intermediates, or because of lacking technical expertise. MAC users are accustomed to plug in the wall outlet and everything works.
              • Users that lack the expertise to use a pro application, because they do not understand the basics of video editing, codecs, workflow and make OE's all the time.
              • Users that are looking for feature improvements.
              • Users that have found a bug, or what they percieve to be a bug.


              It seems that MAC users have more problems than Windows users, but that may be related to point 1.


              Windows users seem to have less problems, but realize that Windows users are usually people who have upgraded, and thus had prior experience, while MAC users may well be new converts who need to get used to a different workflow than FCP.


              The last two categories are the most interesting, but even with the flurry of new posts, as happens everytime when a new version is released, I think that 99% of the discussions in the last month belong in the first two categories. From what I'm reading here, the CS6 release is stable, almost trouble free (as far as any program can be bug free) and a huge improvement over CS5.x.


              I have no gripes or bugs that stop or hinder me while working with CS6. I do have some concerns about performance, but nothing major. I have some feature requests, but again nothing major. I appreciate the added functionality, especially with HDV material where it no longer is required to turn off MPE to preview and export over firewire. It now works with hardware MPE on.

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                needles27 Level 3

                Harm Millaard wrote:


                MAC users are accustomed to plug in the wall outlet and everything works.

                It's true.  This isn't meant to be a Mac vs. PC thing, but having only used Macs my whole life I am used to things "just working" out of the box.  There is a lot of talk of Pr being a pro program and you need to to fine tune, troubleshoot, get under the hood, etc...and of course you need to have your system tuned and have the appropriate hardware.  But FCP just fired up and worked.  Sure, FCP had its frustrating moments/crashes, but in the end I spent more time editing and less time troubleshooting with it.


                I think you are seeing more Mac posters for a couple of reasons:

                • We have some learning to do in making the switch from FCP to Adobe - questions about new workflows, best practices, and trying to recreate our old favorite tricks in a new editing environment.

                • I think the Mac version of the software is flakier than the PC side.  Seems like we are getting a little more crashing and bugs. 


                However, the Adobe products - when they work - are hands down miles ahead.  When Premiere and After Effects are working on my system, I love it.  That is why I work so hard to do the troubleshooting and not go back to FCP. 

                And to answer the OPs question - CS6 is wonderful.

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                  Jon-M-Spear Level 4

                  To be honest, the best way to discover its strengths and weaknesses is to use it yourself and judge for yourself.  All editors have differing modus operandi and differing editing requirements.


                  A weakness for some is a strength for another - and as you don't know me from Adam, my comments will be practically worthless to you.


                  Safe to say that Premiere Pro goes from strength to strength.  I have been using Premiere since the days of Premiere 5 (1999).  It can now be considered a professional application, foibles and all.

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                    Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                    For me, the gold medal goes to the new trimming behaviors: better timeline trimming, a trim edit mode, and new keyboard shortcuts. I love me some adjustment layers too!

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                      Jim Curtis Level 3



                      It hasn't killed me yet.


                      It hasn't run off with my girlfriend.


                      It hasn't drank all my liquor when I leave the house.


                      So, there you go... three positives for CS6.

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                        Kevin-Monahan Adobe Employee

                        Jim Curtis wrote:




                        It hasn't killed me yet.


                        It hasn't run off with my girlfriend.


                        It hasn't drank all my liquor when I leave the house.


                        So, there you go... three positives for CS6.


                        We have a winner!

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                          Jim_Simon Level 8

                          My observations so far...



                          1)  CS6 starts up faster than previous version, in about half the time or less.  So that's nice.

                          2)  I LOVE the new adjustment layers.  It makes CC, grading and other effects soooooo much easier.

                          3)  I also really like the new Uninterrupted Playback feature.

                          4)  Love the new Audio Mixer and Levels meter.

                          5)  My Red Giant effects work just fine in CS6.

                          6)  I like that the bin thumbnails can be variably sized with a zoom slider, rather than just three stock sizes of small, medium large.

                          7)  I really like that if I turn off the Preview Monitor in the Multicam window, it stays off.  I hated having to turn that off every single time I opened the Multicam window.



                          1)  I trim with the mouse.  In fact, I do most of my clip adjustments in the sequence with the mouse.  The new keyboard trimming feature actually makes it more difficult to work with the mouse in the sequence.  Not so happy about that.

                          2)  Sequence scroll is now painfully slow thanks to the combined scroll/zoom bar.

                          3)  The keyboard bindings for Clip Marker navigation in the sequence have been removed.  I really don't like that.



                          1)  Spanned media like AVCHD has some real performance issues in CS6 that make it largely unusable.  You'll want to keep older versions around or transcode the clips to something else.

                          2)  The Media Browser has some issues with thumbnails where it keeps scrolling back up to the top of the list, making it very difficult to navigate to the clip you're looking for.


                          The Positives are really, really good.  The negatives do slow me down, so I'd like some resolution to those issues.  The bugs don't affect me at the moment because I don't yet work much with solid state media.


                          So far on two machines, PP hasn't crashed once.  It's very stable, and very snappy.