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    How do I enable a component?

    Jerry62712 Level 1

      UserAA.mxml has a bunch of search criteria the user can enter.  When they click the search button, I want to activate (enable) the results component.


      I don't see any property of the component, UserAA_Grid.mxml, that I can reach in the click function.


      I created a boolean and pass it to the component where it is bound to the enabled property, but that didn't work.  Here is how it looks:


      Search                         Result Array

           criteria 1:                    checkbox    name    number

           criteria 2:                    [ ]               John     123

           Search Button             [ ]               Mary     321

                                             Details Button


                                         Details (when above is checked)

                                         stuff     more stuff     most  stuff

                                         x          x                    x

                                         y          y                    y


      By default, the result array (UserAA_Grid.mxml) which is a component included on UserAA is not enabled.  When the user clicks the search button, I want to enable it.  Any ideas?