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    Import Failed - Ideas?


      Good morning/afternoon, all.


      I'm in the process of converting documents from Ventura 10 to InDesign CS6 in the course of a material rewrite.  Up until now everything has been going easily, but I've hit a snag I can't quite figure out.


      I'm receiving an Import Failed error when attempting to place a specific .txt file into ID.  As a plain-text file strips the copy down to its base elements, I'm confused as to why this is occuring.  When I use the same text in a different format (doc or rtf), it places without a hitch.  Given that it functions in other formats, I assume that it's not something in the text, but I can't say that for certain.  In short, I'm stumped.  The copy is proprietary, else I'd provide it here for anyone to dig through.


      Any ideas on some things I might try to tinker around with?  I'd be happy to just go with the RTF, but that's not an option unfortunately.


      Kind regards,

      Chris Snyder