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    An upgrade on a new computer?


      I'm about to buy a new Macintosh and I want to just purchase an upgrade to CS6 from CS5 on the new computer. I've already got CS5 installed on 2 computers. What do I need to do to get CS6 on the new computer?

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          Per the terms of Adobe's licensing agreement, you can install most Adobe products on up to two computers, however:


          5. Updates.

          If the Software is an Update to a prior version of Adobe software (the “Prior Version”), then Customer’s use of this Update is conditional upon its retention of the Prior Version.

          Therefore, if Customer validly transfers this Update pursuant to Section 4.6, the Customer must transfer the Prior Version along with it.

          If Customer wishes to use this Update in addition to the Prior Version, then Customer may only do so on the same Computer on which it has installed and is using the Prior Version.



          So per the last line, your new upgrade version would have to be on the same systems as your old version (or vice versa)...  Fortunately, it is easy to transfer the software between machines, if you want to move one of your existing CS5 installs.