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    underline sentence(s) to create a block??

    lister110@hotmail.com Level 1

      Hi, I have some text which at the moment has an underline with a thick weight to allow a colour block behind. The block of colour starts on the left quite close to the text. I was wondering if its somehow possible to offset the block slightly left to allow a little extra, or, is there another way to have text flow in with a block behind a sentence.



      Underline On

      weight 34pt

      Offset -12


      Indesign CS5.5




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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          If you want a full rectangular block you can use a paragraph rule and adjust the indent (negative values are allowed) but you need to adjust the rule weight to match the line count for each paragraph.


          Other options, again for a full rectangle block, are to use a single-cell table or an anchored text frame with a fill and some inset. Neither of these two optiions can break across a column or page, however. If it needs to break, rule above and rule below together will work.