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    InjaInja Level 1

      Hi there,


      I have been looking everywhere, but I cannot solve the following question. Which effect (Trapcode?) do I need to create a wave-distortion.

      Like: Somebody claps his hands and there will be a "Matrix"-like wave-effect. Like rippling of water, when a stone has been dropped into, but in the air, you know?

      Any clues?



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          bogiesan Level 4

          Depending on your sophisitcation with AE and your needs for coolness, the simple displacement filter will create the wave distortion. But creating the wave movie is a bit more complex. You need to learn how to use WaveWorld and you need to understand how compound effects function. Neither is easy.


          Look for tutorials for "shock wave" applications. There are many and most are dreck.

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            InjaInja Level 1

            Thnx for the reply. I will look a bit into waveworld and the compound effects function. I just hoped there was an easier "3-click-solution" ;-)

            So I will have to dig deeper into AE, which is prolly not a bad idea.

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              Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

              So I will have to dig deeper into AE, which is prolly not a bad idea.


              It is indeed not a bad idea. If you're always looking for simple solutions, you will never be able to pull anything off. There's not a preset, tutorial or plug-in for everything....



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                Rick Gerard Adobe Community Professional & MVP

                A simple solution would be to use the Ripple Effect. You could add Lens Flair to a black solid set to Screen to throw in some lighting effects.


                More complicated would be to use wave world to generate a displacement map then use Displacement Mapping to create the wave distortion. Then there's liquify, mesh warp, and about a zillion other ways to do something like a wave distortion. It all depends on exactly what you want to achieve.


                If you had an example we could point you down a more direct path to a solution.

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                  InjaInja Level 1

                  Yep. True :-)

                  Just started watching the video2brain-tuts.

                  However, I found a nice tut for the displacement-effect:



                  Pretty simple and efficient ;-)

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                    InjaInja Level 1

                    Woahou - sounds above my skills for now.

                    I will start my project next week and will come back to you guys - either to show off my results, or to specify my questions.

                    Thnx a lot. You have been very helpful and friendly :-)