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    New InDesign User & Problem with e-Pub


      Hello All,


      I thank you for reading this e-mail and answering any questions that I may have.


      I have been tasked with creating an e-Book that is compatible with iPad, iPod, and iPhone.  e-Pub looks like the best best format, and we decided to trial InDesign.  So much stuff to learn. 


      Mind you, I have ho idea how to use scripts and xml.  I do know some html.   


      Problems arose, however when exporting InDesign documents to e-Pub:


      1)  Hyperlinks would not work.  Hyperlinks that took the user to a website could be touched on iPod, but hyperlinks that took the user to another page could not be touched.  When touched, they just highlighted the hyperlink, but no jump.  iPod treated them like regular text.


      2)  Images were placed in the document on the same page as text.  However, when brought to e-Pub  and shown on iPod, the images were on a separate page by themselves!


      3)  We assigned some images to hyperlinks.  If the user touched the image, they would be brought to the website.  However, when touched on the iPod, the image did nothing. 


      Any help will be appreciated.  Thank you very much for helping me. 




      New User