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    Photoshop CS6 30 day Trial


      I'm trying to download the trial version of Adobe Photoshop but it's not sucessful and don't know why!! I downloaded the Download manager. I've opened it up, signed in with my Adobe ID, selected the program to download (Adobe Photoshop) but then nothing happens. The screen stays as it is, with no option son the screen to go anywhere. Not sure if it's of any importance but I selected for the trial version to be saved in my Program files folder. At this stage I only have about 1 week left of the trial download as I signed in to download the trial version around the 17/18 May. Until now I just couldn't figure out what to do and didn't spot this forum until today.  Help! Thanks, Anita

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          Vauboyen1 Level 1

          It's ok, sorted it myself in the end! Seems too many subfolders, to my Program files, was the problem. So tried saving it to my Downloads folder instead and it seems to be working.

          One question though - even though I downloaded the Download Manager almost 1 month ago, does my 30 day trial start from then or does it start from today, when I actually downloaded the trial version itself?


          Even though there's been 99 views of this post, I'd appreciate it if one of you at least could reply if you have an answer to this question!



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            Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

            The trial starts when you install the software.  As for what was causing your difficulties it was the selection of the Program Files which was the source.

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              Vauboyen1 Level 1

              Thanks for advising! When you say the trial starts when i install the software - you mean the Photoshop program I downloaded & installed today and not the Adobe Download Manager I installed a few weeks ago?

              Why is it not possible to install it in the Program Files? As it is a program I wonder why? Is it due to the fact it's the trial version or is it that even if it was the full version it still wouldn't be possible to install into Program Files?


              Thanks for advising!

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                Jeff A Wright Adobe Employee

                Correct it started when you installed Photoshop. 


                As for why the Adobe Download Assistant is unable to download the install files to the Program files folder.  This is because it would require elevated administrator access to write the files there.  Since it is just a download manager there is no reason to request this right.  As you observed when you run the installer it installs the application to the Program Files folder.

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                  Vauboyen1 Level 1

                  OK thanks!