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    Record to Desktop in Premiere / OnLocation MIA?

    danldurall Level 1

      With the CS5 suite I was able to use OnLocation to capture video via a connected camcorder.  And that was super.  However, OnLocation seems to be missing in CS6.  Has it been retired or is there a replacement or updated feature in Premiere that takes over OnLocation's utility?


      If OnLocation has been nixed, Is there a way to do this same basic function (capture video and sound to the desktop via a connected camcorder) in Premiere CS6?  What makes this more complicated is the fact that NO camcorders using flash / SD cards seem to have firewire ports and only come with USB connections - and video will not stream through USB. 


      The camcorder I happen to be using does have an HDMI-out port.  If I connect the camcorded to my computer using an HDMI cable, will Premiere CS6 pick up the feed?  And further, will "Capture" actually record the video feed?  What about audio?


      Any feedback would be helpful!