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    Where has the extensions exchange gone?

    matthew stuart Level 2

      Where has the link to the exchange gone? It used to be available on the adobe website, but it's disappeared now, or it's not very obvious anymore!



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          If you go into the extension manager, then in the upper right hand corner is a hyperlink to "exchange".  This pops up:




          where you can select the exchange that you want to go to.


          Hope this helps.



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            Jonathan Ferman Adobe Employee

            I wanted to let you know that Adobe is working on a brand new 'Adobe Exchange'. It's been written from the ground up and delivers a completely new user and producer experience that overcomes a lot of the issues we heard from existing users and producers of the current Adobe Exchange. We also just released a new tool called the Adobe Exchange Packager which makes it easy to package up your content for the new Exchange. We plan to have a release on Labs in July but if you sign up now you may have time to get your products on the new Exchange ready for the public release.


            You can learn about the new Exchange and some of the tools for creating the content and products for it on this Adobe blog:



            You can get the new  Packager and see the new Adobe Exchange by signing up for the prerelease at:




            We hope to see you on the prerelease!


            Jonathan Ferman | Product Manager

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              mssdvm Level 1

              With this in mind, is there anyone still doing any Admin on the current (old) exchange? It is maddening to have an extension, update it and never have it come off of Admin review. I have a Dreamweaver web widget (28K downloads), Flexslider, that I updated over 2 months ago and although the text, version number etc was updated, the file never is/was and it still is "under review". Add to this the lack of any way to communicate with anyone in charge at the exchange!  Frustrating!!! Hope the new exchange at least has a person in charge!

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                Jonathan Ferman Adobe Employee

                I'm not sure who is doing reviews for the current Exchnage website. What I cna tell you is that it will be rebranded on September 27th as Exchnage Classic with links to the new Adobe Exchnage (https://www.adobeexchange.com). If you post products there they WILL be reviewed as any product being submitted for public consumption has to. I expect that the new Adobe exchnage will utlimately replace Exchnage Classic. If you haven;t already why not sign up for the prerelease for unlimited product submissions while we have a prerelease program (http://tinyurl.com/exchangeprerelease/)


                Jonathan Ferman | Product Manager

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                  Dad Keaney

                  I'm sorry but whatever is released is horrendous.


                  I cannot access extensions directly and all the extension manager does is take me to the extension manager download page. I've stripped and reinstalled this thing six times. I cannot get any support because I'm in the evaluation period of the software, which does not make me want to write the check, let me tell you.


                  Someone threw the switch on this thing prematurely, to say the least.