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    Just upgraded, very cool, but now comes the questions...

      Hi, just got 11, and i had just started a DVD project using Mx2004 on a PC, but so glad to get Dir 11 on a mac now. That was almost unbearable. I don't see a whole lotta difference but perhaps thats a good thing and by design. My big question of the day, well maybe its more then one, is this:
      1) The projector can be resized for exe/app files but my content is fixed, which is kinda weird if the user resizes the projector. I thought that by using Lock stage size to movies size and Center stage in Monitor all would be well, but apparently not!
      2) I need to assign a button to fire off another executable (another app). How do I do that? U guessed it, I'm pretty new!
      3) Quicktime movies using Qt native controls instead of assigned flash buttons (which I am used to) always starts the movie paused, even thought the paused checkbox is cleared. Is that a bug? Or maybe I have to create the QT movie to autostart in the first place? Confused.
      Well, thats it for now! thanks for ur help...we are a small country and really need it.
      FD in Nepal