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    Trouble using versions of Flash Player


      I have a 64 bit computer using Windows 7.

      As I have both Internet Explorer 9 and Mozilla Firefox 13 as web browsers installed on my computer, I downloaded both versions of Flash Player for them.


      Odd thing is after downloading is complete, when I went to click on one of them, in my downloads folder, as soon as one is clicked on it disapears and can't be found.

      Nor does either file install properly.


      I already have Flash Player Activex 64 bit and Flash Player 11 Plug In 64 bit appear on programs and features. Should I un-install them first?


      I wanted to upadte from Adobe Flash Player 11 to 11.3.


      When I've had both downloaded Flash Player files for both Firefox and IE on my computer,

      I had no problems finding, retrieving or installing them.

      Other than I think to close the web browser first before installing.