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    Please explain the relationship between sequence setting and output


      I am looking for an explanation of the sequence setting and the output settings (Mac Quad core, 10.7.4 - CS6 Production Premium, PR)  I am primarily working in AVC-I 100 and XDCam. I've found that I can drop in AVC-I into a Seq and it will set the Seq to that codec. Many times I'll need to send the in-progress and final edits to my clients as an WMV (HD) video file. In FCP, I would export the self contained seq and use Episode to transcode to wmv. I'm having trouble understanding the best way to do this in PR (CS6).  I've found that if I leave the Seq setting to the AVC-I, the render and the file output is a 50% quality mpeg-I. Is it best to set up a custom sequence w/ ProRes as the render codec? I'm having a hard time finding or getting an explanation of best practices for this type of operation. Any guidance would be appreciated.