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    Multi filters from one dataset?

      Hi total newbie here to flex
      I've just gone through flex 3 Data create 'application from Data, I'm using php mysql got it working: but was wondering how to do multi filters? I noticed 2 things one in the PHP code and one in the ActionScript

      $filter_field = "Dealer";

      is it this part to code to make it search through more of the fields in the table? or is it something to do with the .as file at this point:

      private function filterResults():void
      If someone could please show how to write the code for the above to search more than one field in the table?
      a quite a few people will have their post answered in one go as i've seen a few posting like this none of which actually give a few code answer to the point a novice will understand.

      a few other table fields are:

      Also the default for status is Open if say I changed it to Closed how would I go about getting it to highlight the Closed Rows inside the Flex App?

      Thanks in advance