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    Writing on the screen in HP Touchsmart


      Waiting for Windows 8, I recently bought a new HP Touchsmart 520PC.

      While touch screen works perfectly with Windows 7, and the pen correctly writes on the screen in simple programs like Paint, when I try to draw with the brush (or with any other tool) instead of the brush it appears the small hand usually used to move the screen.


      There is any setup I must apply to solve this problem, or actually Photoshop CS6 doesn't plan to support the direct drawing on the screen?


      In this case I wonder, because I suppose that - when touch capabilities of Windows 8 will be available - many PC and notebooks will use the touch screen technology.


      Buying the HP Touchsmart I would expect to use Photoshop as on a giant Ipad, but for the moment I'm still obliged to use a Wacom tablet!!!!


      Help, please!!!!!!!