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    PS CS 6 & LR 4.1 problems with Raw


      There seems to be a big problem with CS6 (and LR4.1.) with some raw files. My computer has now been logged in twice by adobe support personel trying to fix the problem with no luck.

      First photoshop was not able to open Canon 5D mk3 / CR2 raw files- that got fixed and LR could not open them any more. That got fixed and the problem returned to Photoshop. The last attempt py adobe personel to fix it was poor and "reading" from a book and trying to fix it did not solve anything. I the formatted my hard drive and reinstalled both applications. It seemed to work fine - until next opening of Photoshop when it coul not open the raw files again!!  Really getting tired of this nonsense. Anyone- any ideas??

      Just to clarify I do have the latest updates on these applications...