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    Does anyone have an elegant solution how to move timeline markers?

    JEShort01 Level 4

      Is there any way to copy, paste, or move groups of "unnumbered markers"? I'm not even aware of a way to select more than one at a time when I want to delete several (several, not all!).


      I enjoy the feature where you can create timeline markers to the beat of the audio track and then drop hundreds of photos to align with those markers using the "automate to sequence with placement at unnumbered markers" feature. However, if I want to simply move all items on the timeline, or copy all items to a new sequence, the unnumbered markers are either mis-aligned (in the case of a move) or missing (in the case of a copy/paste into a new sequence).


      In the abscence of knowing any better way to deal with this, I can do the move or copy, delete all markers, and then manually add each one back (page down + * key), but this obviously is neither quick or enjoyable when hundreds of markers are involved.