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    Choppy still image playback


      I have a sigle layer photoshop file, 12800x7200 pixels.  It is a matrix of photos, 16 wide by 10 high.  I import the file into photoshop scale it so only a single pcture appears in the playback area.  I then move the picture in time, from the first picture in a row to the last in a 50 second time period.....creating a slow moving movie of individual photos.  The problem is that the movement is not consistently smooth; it gets "choppy" every few seconds.  It is also choppy when I export the video.


      I have plenty of hardware; 32 gb RAM in a 16 core Mac Pro.  I am using Premier CS6 but the problem also exists on CS5.5.  I am using Mac Lion 10.7.4.


      Any suggestions?


      Thanks very much