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    How do I fade audio in ?

    daveujn Level 1

      I have premiere 10 and would like to know how do I fade in an audio track while fading the first track out without any gaps. As when I try to merge the two pieces of audio it splits the video .

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          Are these two Audio Streams, that come from the camera, and are part of the Clip, i.e. the Video & Audio are muxed into one file?


          If so, and the two Audio Clips butt up to each other, you should be able to drop the Audio Transition>Constant Power.


          You can also Keyframe the Fixed Effect>Volume in the Effects Control Panel (Edit Effects), over time.


          Now, if you want one Audio Clip to be fading out WHILE the other is fading in, then you will probably want to overlap them, or different Audio Tracks, and do Constant Gain Transitions on each, at appropriate points.


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            daveujn Level 1

            Sorry but I am a real beginner to this. The problem is when I try to overlap the 2 imported tracks ( there is no sound on the original video ) the video footage splits leaving audio but no video.

            Also when I try to drag the audio to soundtrack the text animation on the next chapter disapears. Very frustating.

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              the_wine_snob Level 9

              OK, it sounds like you do have muxed Audio & Video (both streams in one Clip).


              To temporarily separate the Audio from the Video, Atl+click on the Audio. Then, you can drag it, independently from the Video. Now, unless the Audio is just music, or background, I am not sure that you will want to move it, left, or right, from its Video, as you will then loose sync.


              Also, if you need to move a Clip, without that edit affecting other Clips, you can hold down the Ctrl key, to get into Insert Edit mode.


              As you are starting out with PrE, Steve Grisetti's Basic Training Series might be a good place to start. He covers Audio in there, though might not touch on exactly what you are needing. However, as he gives an important overview of editing with PrE, he might solve some problems.


              Good luck,



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                daveujn Level 1

                Sorry if I am not understanding your reply. But the problem is when I try to import audio into the soundtrack the text animation disapears in the video track. and where

                the text was on a black background it becomes overlayed on the actual footage. Hope this makes it clearer!