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    trying to authorize Android smart phone but error message says "too many activations"


      I have a rooted galaxy nexus. I wipe my phone and reactivate quite often. I downloaded the aldiko reader for ebooks. The ebook i purchased is now protected by drm. It was my first time buying an ebook and I knew nothing about drm at the time but now I wish I had never used this app. 


      every time I wipe my phone I have to reregister. The last time I tried I got an error message that said I have too many activations. I've looked on this site to see if I could somehow manage my activations but I can't find any info. Maybe I'm missing something but there has to a way to deactivate devices.


      I've tried to use another reader app to open the book but it is locked by drm. Does anyone know how I can rid myself of this drm bull***t?

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          Android smartphones are not supported by ADE, which means that the protocol

          for hooking up ADE to your smartphone in order to transfer ebooks won't

          work.  Aldiko is an app that reads ebook file types, no matter how they

          were transferred to your smartphone.  Let's work from there.


          Adobe Digital Editions has limits of supported devices.  As stated in its

          HELP section, you can have up to two computers and four ereaders supported

          by a copy of ADE.  ADE keeps track of each device when it's 'new' and

          increments a counter on the central computer at Adobe.  Each time you try

          to activate your smartphone, even though it's not supported, your

          activation counter is increased until it hits the limit.  You have to

          contact Adobe and get the technical support guys to reset your counter.

          Some of them are quite helpful - others try to brush you off.  Be



          DRM isn't something you can get rid of.  Digital rights were established by

          the Digital Millenium Copyright Act of 2000, and are implemented in

          epublication software.  These rights are assigned, managed and controlled

          by publishers, distributors and even authors of epublications, and can't be

          changed by the user.  What happens often is that the DRM is set to prohibit

          copying an epublication once it's downloaded.  That setting prevents you

          from transferring the epublication to your ereader once you've downloaded

          it to your computer.  Nothing you can do about it - sorry.  As a point of

          information, Adobe created one set of the software that manages digital

          rights - Content Server.  Don't get that confused with Digital Editions,

          which is a library management system.  BTW: Aldiko also observes DRM.


          My suggestion is that you investigate how you're supposed to download

          epublications directly to your smartphone if you haven't already (that

          point's not clear from your post).  Aldiko will manage the epublication and

          you won't have to worry about a transfer from someplace else.


          Hope this helps!