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    Calculation stop working when reopenning document


      I have a pdf document with a simple formula; result = (a * b) / c.

      So, within writer 8, the formula set in Simplified Field Notation is (Text 1 * Text 2) / Text 3. Up to here, everything is working fine.

      If I do a similar thing on Custom Calculation Script, it working also fine, just a more complex way to proceed for such simple thing.

      Then, I save and close the document.


      Since 2-3 weeks,  when I reopen the document, it still is possible to set value in the text boxes but no result will show up.


      I tried with the document in this thread http://forums.adobe.com/message/4475042#4475042 (see the invoice) and it works fine.


      Can someone have input to fix that?

      I don't remember playing with whatever options but probably ticking on box in some options might help but where and which one?