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    Odd behavior using AI image in Titler


      I've posted this on Creative Cow under Graphic file in Titler – Odd behavior but w/o any replies so far.


      I've come across some odd behavior when using certain graphic files in Premiere Pro CS5.5's Titler, and haven't found much help in the the on-line Help nor searching the forums.


      In Illustrator CS5.1, I've created a file that matches the Premier project dimensions.  From past experience working with AI files, I know to create a rectangle that matches the dims as well, and set it to have no stroke or fill.  As a test, I then created a simple rounded rectangle then put some text above that, saved as a CS5 flavor of .ai, then closed.


      In PPro CS5.5, I create a new title, then right click on the Titler Window to select Logo, Insert Logo and then the AI file I just created.  So far, so good other than having to do some minor centering, it's working as expected.  From what I've read, Premiere rasterizes the vector file upon import.  Wish it didn't, but so it goes.


      Now though, If I then go back to Illustrator and add an element that uses something like a graphical brush stroke, (in my case a filmstrip brush), save and go back to the Titler in PremPro, the new element isn't there.


      Even if I create a new title and importing that same graphic, the icon on the Titler tool panel shows the updated image, but the main window doesn't, nor does the main timeline.


      If I import that same file into Premiere and drag to the timeline, it displays correctly.  Same file imported into After Effects CS5.5 as a composition works correctly too.


      So, this just an issue with PremPro CS5.5's Titler or is CS6 doing this too?



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          Jim_Simon Level 8

          This is expected behavior.  Once the image is rasterized (imported), changes can't be made.  The rasterization 'fixes' the image.

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            Ma3rk Level 1

            No, I'm making a new title by importing the same AI file is all rather than expecting it to do an update.


            Besides, that still doesn't explain why the icon in Ttilers tool panel shows the updated image but the Titler work window doesn't, does it?



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              I am also having odd title tool behavior (bug) in CS 6 (PrP 6.0.1, Mac OS 10.7.4).


              I  right-click within a title and execute: Logo/insert logo...


              I insert a PSD logo -- this seems to work.


              I do more work to the PSD file and re-save.


              No update in PrP. OK, fine, it's just using a copy of my PSD...


              BUT when I delete the old logo in the title tool, and try to insert the updated PSD, it still uses the old PSD, even though that file no longer exists.


              I've opened and closed the title tool, but get the same fantom insert of a non-existant file (probably taken from a cache or preview file)


              My work-around is to save a version of the PSD file, and import it. This works so far.