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    Premiere CS 6.x advices

    Admiral Cook Level 1

      I was first impressed with the new Premiere when advertised. In theory, there are new ideas, improved performance, new useful features,... But, in practice, I'm disappointed with implementation of some of these.


      1. DV output is possible with hardware accelerated playback. This is true. But:

      - It updates with delay of about second. This means you move CTI on the timeline and almost second later picture updates on external monitor.

      - When you switch between Source and Program monitors output is lost for a second (picture>black>flashing>black>new picture)

      - Above happens too when you switch between sequences.

      - When you try to Export to Tape, machine goes recording but timeline is not playing, so it only records black

      - When you try to Export to Tape, it renders yellow areas first. Why if rendering is not required with hardware accelerated playback?


      2. DV output without hardware accelerated playback: Output quality is the same with or without rendering. It's blurrish, especially without "Display Both Fields" enabled in program monitor. These settings should not affect output!


      3. "Adjust Gain By" is new default in Audio Gain dialog. Why? Why not merge Adjust Gain By and Set Gain To. You enter 8 it sets gain to 8. You enter +2 it increases gain by 2. You enter -4 it decreases gain by 4.


      4. Trimming cursors are awful. It should be small and thin. I liked old cursors.


      5. It was always possible to move clip2 over clip1 using Alt+Left without losing transition between them. In CS6 it clears transition instead of trimming clip1, moving clip2 to appear earlier, and keeping transition intact.



      Because of catastrophic DV output issues I must go back to CS 5.5, but I hope your team will fix those soon. I would really like to use CS6 but with quality DV support like CS 5.5 has.


      PS: I'm also going to submit this as bug report.

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          Admiral Cook Level 1

          I would make Audio Gain dialog look like this (click image for better quality):




          Current Gain is 20.

          Enter 7 to set gain to 7.

          Enter +2 to set it to 22.

          Enter -6 to set it to 14.

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            Jon-M-Spear Level 4

            1: Whilst the new monitor output integration is an improvement, I agree that Adobe should consider it very much work-in-progress.


            4:  Absolutely agree.  The trim cursors are grotesquely unwieldy.  Sledgehammer to crack a nut.  I feel that I have to zoom right in to the clip if I want to produce an edit with any degree of accuracy.  Not with the old cursors.


            Nonetheless, step by step, upgrade by upgrade, Premiere Pro is getting there!  A few wrong turn on route.