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    Improving AE CS5 Performance.

    King Ullu

      Hi guys, wondering if you could help me out as I have tried several other avenues but to no luck.


      I have been a frequent AE user since AE 7 and noticed a gradual increase in performance on my old setup which was:


      Vista 64 Bit

      Asus P6T

      i7 920

      6gb kingstong ddr3 at 1066MHZ

      Samsung HDD 750gb.

      2 X ati 4850 later upgraded to a 1gb nvidia 560ti gtx card.


      With that set up everything, including the additional textures and particle videos etc from stock footage was on the Sansung HDD.


      I now have a slightly different but more powerful set up which is:


      Windows 7 64 bit.

      Asus P6T

      i7 920

      18gb of DDR3 Ram at 1066MHz.

      120gb OCZ Agility 3 SSD.

      Geforce 560TI.


      I've highlighted the SSD because I was expecting a massive increase in performance right from the outset and with all my games and all my application there is a huge increase in speed, everything loads up much quick and everything runs smoothly, apart from After Effects and this concerns me.


      With AE CS5 installed on the C drive, the C drive sits on the SSD and it is the only partition, I've got more than 55gb still free.


      I don't understand why After Effects is now actually loading slower from the SSD than it was with my old set up when it loaded from the HDD. It takes over 2 mins, it used to be about 20 seconds.


      Not only is the application load time slow, my ram previews of complex compositions is rubbish, because I could get maybe 30-40 frames to run smoothly, now it's just 2/3. It just doesn't seem right. AE is the only application affected.


      Any ideas?


      Yes I could re-install, but I want to avoid that as I've installed some of the redgiant plugins and I don't want to go through all that again.

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          Mylenium Most Valuable Participant

          Reinstalling doesn't affect third-party plug-ins. The installer doesn't care and will leave all unknown files in place, so it's irrelevant. The rest sounds odd and could be anything from permissions issues to media cache being slow. if you can, point your cache folders to anotehr location then the default. Check the prefs on that. Also there may be specific issues with your graphics card, so naturally, check the driver and update it if necessary...