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    Flash Lite 1.1

    Nathan Roy

      A year ago I used Flash Pro CS 5 to convert a 10 MB .flv file into only 60kb .swf file. I forgot how I did that but it worked in my Sony Ericsson W660i 176 X 220 that supports flash lite 1.1. Can any Adobe expoert know the magic?  Please! show it.

      I am using Windows XP Pro SP3 (32 bit), Adobe CS 5 and CS 6.

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          Nathan Roy Level 1

          I made a spelling mistake above. It is "expert".


          I remember where I saw it. It was in this link www.adobe.com/go/lrvid5503_ws_en where a video tutorial was made by Lynda. She described about Flash player 10 and H.264 secrets. For some reason they removed as it shows " 404" in the above link. They disabled all the related links to it.


          I still can't remember what I did on that day. However I can able to play .swf videos on other devices with Flash player 6 and above but not with Flash lite 1.1 through Device Central CS 5.


          I still don't understand why Adobe removed Device Central in CS 6. Using .swf videos is time consuming and cost cutting factor. Is HTML5 the game?