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    How To Make Gifs in CS6


      Hi. I just downloaded Photoshop CS6 for the first time, so I need some help from you guys. I want to make animated GIFs for my blog on Tumblr, gifs that I can easily add my own watermark to, so If they're used, I'll have credit for creating them. I know a gif is a series of moveable pictures, but that's all I know. Help please? Any links to how-to articles/simplest information you can give will be extremely helpful. Thanks.

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          kendallplant Adobe Employee

          Hi there! Awful background music aside, this tutorial gives a pretty good explanation of how to make a GIF file specifically for use on Tumblr.


          EDIT: Here's a very helpful one as well, if you want to use your own video clips (i.e. from a webcam).


          You big tool is going to be the Timeline feature. You'll need a video clip which you'll then import into Photoshop


          IMPORT VIDEO.jpg

          You'll be able to tweak some settings in the dialoge box that will come up. After this, the newly created frames will pop up in your Timeline frame:




          Here you can set timing, delete frames, and make other edits (see the video tutorials for reference).


          Then, you'll need to save your GIF for web:


          SAVE FOR WEB.jpg SAVE FOR WEB 2.jpg


          You can add a watermark by adding a text layer (using the type tool, highlighted in red on the lefthand side of the screenshot below) above your frame layers, as shown. You can make this transparent by using the opacity slider in your layers panel.


          WATERMARK copy.jpg