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    No Sound when importing mts-files


      Hi there!


      I am strongly using Adobe Premiere Pro for years now, and since I work with the AVCHD Codec I got this problem:

      Every time I import a mts file into premiere pro, it got no sound with it. I first tried this with premiere pro cs4 (last update). There it worked properly. Then I upgraded to cs5, and suddenly the problem was there. I reinstalled the application, I installed all sorts of codecs, etc etc... nothing worked. Then I upgraded to premiere pro cs5.5, and the sound was back. Just as normal as it should be! And now, that I have premiere pro cs6, the sound is gone again...


      It's just really annoying and sometimes even preventing me from doing my work! Because when I have really really much footage to import, I have to convert it to mp4 first!


      Please, I don't know what to do any more, this is driving me crazy!