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    Index lists used keywords as if they were unused

    Tim M Level 1
      I'm using RoboHelp x5.0.2. I recently combined topics from two projects. During the process, I noticed that the keywords from the second project were not added to the index of the primary project. I re-entered them manually. When I compile the project, all the keywords from both projects show up and function correctly. When I view the project in RoboHelp, however, all the keywords from the second project appear in bold, as if they were unused. No topics are listed as being linked to them. If I view topic properties for any of these new topics, the keywords are correctly displayed on the Index tab of the Topic Properties screen. Any ideas why this might have happened and/or what I might do to correct it? I'm concerned primarily about what might happen if: 1) I (or anyone else accessing the project through RSC) use the tool option to remove unused index keywords, and 2) we try to upgrade this project to a newer version of RoboHelp.