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    Moving as Premiere CS 6 project

    killen1234 Level 1

      I was not able to copy a project to a new media drive via project manager. I then copied the project to the drvive and copied all of the associated file folders. I want to reload this on a another computer. Is there away that CS6.1 can point to these folders and do a batch relink?

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          the_wine_snob Level 9

          PrPro will help you do the relinking, though it is not a fully automatic procedure. When you Open that Project from the new external, PrPro will find that the Paths to the Assets are no longer correct, and will ask you, "Where is file ____ ?" for the first unlinked Asset. It will help you navigate to the location, and there is also a Finder. When the first file, in that folder is linked, PrPro will then, automatically link to all other Assets used in that Project, in that folder. If the Assets are in various folders, you will need to repeat that first step, for the first "missing file," in that folder, and again, PrPro will relink to all Assets in THAT folder - repeat per each folder of Assets.


          I would also recommend setting the drive letter for that external in the OS, so that it will ALWAYS show as the same drive letter. I would do this before I did any relinking.


          This ARTICLE has more info.


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