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    How to:  Gradient transparency?

    MacEachaidh Level 1


      I'm trying to achieve a gradient transparency in ID CS5 (version 7.04), but I just can't seem to make it happen, so I'd be grateful for any help you can offer.


      It's a poster, where a placed image is partly overlaid by a panel with a single colour fill, that I want to grade from 10% transparency at the top to 100% at the bottom, with the midpoint about a third of the way down.


      It should be straightforward, but ... maybe I'm just being thick-headed?  I've looked for info in the inline Help in ID, and it's taken me to several sources that talk about how to do it, but ... I've tried doing it as a Gradient Feather effect, but it keeps turning out as the same transparency top to bottom, with no gradient effect.  I've checked the settings I'm using against the reference pages, but i just can't see why it's not working.


      I'm really not sure what to ask for.  Can anyone point me please to something that has a step-by-step in making this happen in CS5?



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          Steve Werner Adobe Community Professional & MVP

          You want to create a Gradient Feather effect. Look in InDesign Help for Gradient Feather. The settings are in the Effects panel. You can change the direction with the Gradient Feather tool.


          If you're still having problems, post a screen shot using the camera tool in the posting editor.

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            MacEachaidh Level 1

            Thanks Steve.  That's the effect I was using, but it doesn't work for me, so I'm either missing a step or doing something wrong, I would guess.


            I'll start from scratch and give it another try, and this time log each step and setting I do, and post that - maybe you or someone else can spot where I've gone astray.  But it's nearly 3 a.m. here now, so it'll have to wait for tomorrow now.  Thanks for replying, though. :-)

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              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

              You should be able to select an object, then drag the gradient feather tool across it to do this. If that's not working, it's probably corrupt prefs, so see Replace Your Preferences

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                MacEachaidh Level 1

                OK, did two things to fix it.


                Firstly, I realised that I'd already applied a partial transparency of 84% to the panel before I had decided to try a gradient.  So I reset it to 100% fill, and tried again.  This time the feather gave me a transparency, but not a gradated one.  Hmm.


                So I trashed my preferences and rebuilt them, and now ... all is well !!  I'm getting the result I'd hoped for.  Big smiles !


                So.  I don't understand how preferences can get corrupted -- ID hasn't, to my knowledge, crashed or hung since I first did a clean install of this version, for instance -- but at least I know how to fix it.


                Peter, Steve, thanks for your help.