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    Pre Elem 8.0 Crashes Every Time I Open Existing or Create New Project


      I am a novice user of Adobe Premiere Elements 8.01

      HP Pavilion Elite

      Running Windows 7 Home Premium Edition (64 bit), Service Pack 1

      8.0 GB physical memory

      1 TB internal drive

      2 TB external drive

      500 GB external drive

      Video Card ATI Radeon HD 5570


      Until recently I was having no problems using PE 8.0.  Then several issues began.


      PE started crashing anytime I would access the organizer.


      When trying to import any .avi file longer than 40 minutes from my computer's hard drive, PE would hang and not complete the "conforming" operation.  I could no longer use PE until I deleted the media causing the issue and restarted the application.  As long as I worked with shorter duration .avi files, I had no problems.


      This morning I attempted to import 6 .avi files from my computer's hard drive.  The largest file was 789kb.  As the conforming operation was in progress on the first file, the application crashed.  Now if I open any existing project or try to create a new project the application crashes.  In other words I cannot use the application at all. 


      My first inclination is to uninstall/reinstall PE 8.0 but since the application will not stay up, I cannot disable the serial number so that I'll be able to reactivate the product when I reinstall it.  Would a reinstall even be likely to correct the problem?


      How should I proceed?