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    3D layer makes images bigger

    Steve836 Level 1



      I've a number of still images in an After Effects CS4 comp. I want to move around/zoom into these images. The obvious solution seems to be to use the 3D layer option.


      Every time I click on the 3D layer button the image automatically gets bigger without me doing anything else. If I then work with that image and render it, the finished film doesn't show what it did on the AE screen - the image is always smaller.


      It only does this with the odd image, not all of them, even though they are all in the same comp, imported the same way, and have the same effects added.


      Is there something really obvious that I'm overlooking or is there some sort of glitch? (It does this with more than one AE file)


      The only way around it is not to use 3D layer but to use the size and position settings separately, in which case everything works fine, but it's far more fiddly.


      Does anyone know what I'm missing or what I can click to make the 3D layer button work as it should, please?


      Thanks for any help,