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    FormsCentral Data Export


      Can FormsCentral be used to gather data that is exported automatically to a more comphrensive Word or PDF document? For example I would like to use FormsCentral to automate the application process and the persons first and last name would appear multiple times in the application. Can FormsCentral be used to ask for that information only once and then export it multiple times into the finished document?

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          There's a couple of features of FormsCentral that may be what you want:

          - You can have an email sent to you, each time a submission comes in.  The email contains what the submission data directly in the email (not as a PDF).

          - You can export the data gathered to PDF, Excel and a CSV file.  It does not do this automatically, you have to sign into the application and export yourself.

          - The submissions are contained in a spreadsheet.  You can add new columns to the spreadsheet, and use formulas to copy data to another column automatically.