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    Creating a table of contents

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      This question was posted in response to the following article: http://help.adobe.com/en_US/indesign/cs/using/WS49FB9AF6-38AB-42fb-B056-8DACE18DDF63a.html

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          chirrchirr Level 1

          I've been working with the "Create TOC entries with tab leaders" feature of the table of contents setup, and I haven't been able to get this to work quite properly. I've been able to create a paragraph style with a tab leader, as was suggested, but I can only get the tab leader paragraph style applied to the table of contents by clicking on the TOC object and then going to the paragraphs style panel and clicking on my tabs TOC style. And what happens after this is that it formats the document fine, but the title of the table of contents is reformatted in the style of the page entries (and tabs TOC). This is confusing to me, because when i have the table of contents dialog box open, the "title" is "Contents" and i have it formatted with a more heading-based style. When i apply the tabs TOC, suddenly, it's reformatted like the page entries.

          Would appreciate getting some clarity on how i can simply generate a table of contents that automatically creates the tab leaders without having to go about it circuitously…


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            Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

            TOC Setup.png

            The above screen capture is the TOC and setup dialog for a book about "mosquito" sailboats. I saves the settings for this TOC as a TOC Style called Mosquito TOC Which you can see in the top dropdown, Saving the settings as TOC styles is very easy and a useful way to store the formatting for reuse.


            The title of the TOC as it appears onthe page is Table of Contents, and I've specified the Chapter Head paragraph style to use for that (secondf line in the dialog) so it will match my other chapter headings in the book.


            I've also added that Chapter Head style to the list of styles to include (it's highlighted), but assigned a NEW style, TOC Level 1 (dropdown below the list of included styles) to format that text as a listing when it appears in the TOC and added a tab with a thin space on either side between the text and the number. In this particualr case there is no tab leader (though you coould do that), but instead I use a nested style to apply a dotted underline to the tab as part of the TOC Level 1 paragraph style.

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              Kals Level 1

              Unless I'm missing something, there appears to be no way to specify 'zoom settings' for how the destination page is scaled when creating a table of contents, and no mention of it in these instructions. The default behaviour appears to be like 'inherit zoom'—the position and scaling of the destination page in the Acrobat window is determined by the position you were in when you clicked the link in the contents page.


              However, I did discover an odd workaround if you want the destination page to 'fit to window'. When generating the table of contents, check the 'Create PDF Bookmarks' option. This is supposed to generate corresponding PDF bookmarks (which appear in Acrobat's bookmarks panel) for each link. You can still turn off these bookmarks when you export the PDF, but in doing this, the destination pages will now 'fit to window’! This worked for me in CS4.

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                "4. If you have multiple tables of contents in your document, such as a list of figures and a list of advertisers, select the text frame containing a different list, and then choose Layout > Update Table Of Contents."


                That is not working for me, it only updates the last table of contents. I think Adobe instruction is wrong.

                Can somebody confirm this?

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                  Kals Level 1

                  Michelkata, I just tested this in one of my documents. It did work when I selected the text frame containing a small secondary table of contents, however (oddly) it did not work when I selected one of the text frames for the main table of contents—the 'Update Table Of Contents' command just appears greyed out in the menu. I say 'one of the text frames', because the main table of contents happens to run over two pages. I don't know if this (or something else) is causing the issue.


                  In any case, have you tried positioning the cursor in the actual text of the table of contents with the text tool, rather than selecting the frame itself? That works for me in CS4.

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                    How can I remove dot leaders from TOC entries? InDesign's NONE entry style still adds the default dot leaders. The best solution I have come up with to date is the define a Character Style for the dot leaders making them the same colour as the page, which seems over engineered. Thanks in advance for any guidance!

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                      Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                      @ Michelkata > It has been my experience that you need to have the TOC selected that you wish to update if you have more than one TOC in the document. I find it's helpful, too, to set up TOC style for each one.


                      @Artisan Bytes > The leader is being added as part of the paragraph style applied (which also sets the tab postion).

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                        garyb86275586 Level 1

                        @Peter Spier. Yeah sure enough I didn't scroll along enough in the Tab section of the Paragraph styles dialogue to see a stray tab stop, which was applied in addition to my right indent tab within the TOC dialogue, rookie error! Thanks for your help

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                          Michelkata Level 1

                          @Peter Spier > Thanks that was very helpful and finally managed to make it work. You definately have to make a separate Style for "Title" and "Entry" to make it work, but still there was some inconsistencies and couldn't really figure out why until I saved a preset for all TOCs. But I can't confirm that this is what it solved it.

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                            Hey I have a problem with TOC.

                            I have created a document 32 pages, based on master pages. In master pages I have defined sections and paragraph styles. I defined pages with master pages, and overwritten all master pages (so that they could be shown in my TOC). Afterwords I have created TOC where I specified which paragraph style should be 1st- section, 2nd- header, and 3rd- product name. The problem is that on even pages sections comes as last ones (reverse order of paragraph styles 3rd,2nd,1st), where on uneven pages everything looks fine- fist sections, second header, third product name.


                            I am working with InDesign CS5


                            Please help me asap!

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                              Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                              The order you list the styles in the TOC dialog, and their respective levels, does not affect the order of the actual listings unless you are sorting alphabetically. TOC picks up the various paragraphs on the pages according to their physical positions, starting in the upper left corner and reading down before shifting to the right, so a paragraph at the bottom of a page that is in a frame extneding futher left than one at the top will be picked up first.

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                                ceilr Level 1

                                "Create TOC entries with tab leaders": I wish I could FIND this!  I'm using CS5 with Windows 7, have the T of C dialog box open (from the Layout menu) and do not see this item anywhere.  I want to place a series of dots between each entry and the page number.  In the past, I've only been able to do this in MS Word and then transfer the TofC to ID.  But it's time now to know how to do it in ID.


                                Thanks for your help.

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                                  Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

                                  You add the tab as the character between the lisitng and the page number in the TOC dialog, but you define the position of the tab, and your desired leader, as part of the paragraph style applied to the listings.