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    Premiere Elements 9 Freezes on "Generating Peak File"


      Help!  This seems to be a common problem with posts all over the web going back to PE3.  I can't believe Adobe hasn't fixed this!


      I have spent days on this, trying every solution I've found in posts in Adobe Forums and elsewhere on the Net.  None seem to work for me.


      Specifics:  I have PE9 running on an HP desktop with 2T of disk, 9G of RAM, so resources are not an issue.  I have one hour (about 10G) of video imported to PE through Firewire from my Panasonic GS-500.


      Almost every time PE generates a Peak file, it freezes at 99% and then I'm stuck.  Have to force PE to close.


      I have tried importing the file into Windows Movie Maker and then generaing a new file.  Adobe won't import it.


      Tried recapturing the video.  Same problem.


      I love the flexibility I get with PE.  But I'm just about to toss it in utter frustration.


      Can anybody help me?