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    InDesign 8.0 crash


      I recently installed CS6 and InDesign is crashing every time I open a file created in CS5. The crash report is here: http://pastebin.com/u17Zn7YM.


      I do use a number of cross-references, and I know that's been a historical problem, but this is a bit extreme. I deleted my Recovery files, Defaults and SavedData and was able to restart InDesign, but I each time I try to reopen a CS5 it crashes again.


      I'm using Mac OS 10.7.4 on a Mac Pro. I have the same problems on my MacBook Pro.


      Getting desperate here, so any assistance is greatly appreciated.



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          Peter Spier Most Valuable Participant (Moderator)

          It's crashing in Hyperlinks, which could well be related to the cross-refs. Can you create a new file? Open another file that doesn't have cross-refs?


          Does this file still open in CS5? If you export .idml form CS5, does that open in CS6?


          Finally, are you able to work if you create a new user account and work from that?

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            susan@placemakers.com Level 1

            Thanks, Peter. I did try to open the file in CS5, export the .idml, resave that as CS6, and for the first few minutes it appears to be working. However, that's a very laborious process. Thanks for your help; I guess I'll be reporting a bug to Adobe.