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    Flash Player not updating


      I am using Windows 7 (64-bit), IE9 and have Flash Player set to install updates automatically.   However, despite it being enabled, as of 22:30, 10th June it is still 11.2 and I understand 11.3 is released.  Why hasn't it updated?Capture.PNG

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          laban9 Level 1

          Disregard question.  Just booted up and it has prompted to install! 

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            Hi everyone,




            Similar to the original poster in this thread, I have found that the automatic updater of Adobe Flash Player version did not auto update to 11.3.300.257 64 bit. This occurred on all 3 of my PCs (2x Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit SP1 and 1x Windows Vista Ultimate 64 bit SP2). A Windows XP SP3 VM (managed with VMware Workstation) also experienced this issue (however the 32 bit version of Flash Player is being installed here).




            I only use Internet Explorer 9, 64 bit on all of the above 64 bit PCs. The Windows XP VM uses Internet Explorer 8. The Adobe Flash Player Update Service (FlashPlayerUpdateService.exe) is set to a start-up type of Manual (the default setting). I can also see in the Windows Task Scheduler that once every hour it is checking for the update but is not installing it. The timer simply increments by one hour every time.




            The previous security update for Flash Player updating to worked perfectly on all of the above PCs. I was thoroughly impressed by the speed at which this security update was deployed and in such a silent manner. It meant less manual work for me to carry out.




            Has this update to 11.3.300.257 failed since it an update that incorporates a full dot version change i.e. 11.2 à 11.3 ? Does the automatic updater support such an update? In order to resolve the issue of the Flash Player automatic updater not working, I simply manually downloaded and installed 11.3.300.257. The risk of keeping the old version installed any longer is simply too great to allow the non-functional updater to continue its hourly check with no action being taken. However, I should not have to do this.




            With 11.3.300.257, the automatic updater is once again set to the recommended setting. I am hoping that this version of the updater performs as expected. If at any time over the last number of days (i.e. since Friday, the 8th of June) your update servers were experiencing an issue that delayed/prevented the deployment of this update, this should have made clear on the PSIRT blog ( http://blogs.adobe.com/psirt/ ) or via this forum. Leaving customers to assume they are protected against the security vulnerabilities addressed by this update is not the correct approach.




            Please find below a download link to the the Flash Player Install log from 1 of my Windows 7 Ultimate 64 bit PCs:






            If you require any further information in order to troubleshoot this issue or to prevent it from occurring again, please let me know. Thank you in advance for any advice that you can provide.

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              laban9 Level 1

              The previous update from to was silent in that I had no prompts or buttons to press to download and install;  I simply looked and it was updated.  Where as to 11.3.300.257 had an install screen and buttons I had to press to facilitate its update.  I would expect this with "Notify me to install updates" checked, but I have "Allow Adobe to install updates" checked.

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                chris.campbell Adobe Employee

                Please see the following post for more details.  I'll put together a FAQ on this and also get our help documentation/tech notes updated.  This was confusing for me too.





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                  JimboCNV762 Level 1

                  Hi Chris,




                  Thank very much for your

                  email and for the detailed forum thread containing the link to the bug report. Apologies for not replying sooner, its been a little hectic for me lately.


                  I am really glad that Adobe

                  is taking the time to act on customer feedback that will improve the experience

                  for everyone. I am always impressed by Adobe Flash and especially the new

                  automatic updater. It’s great that Adobe has made an enormous step in

                  automatically securing its products. This will make the IT world a safer place.


                  I really like the new

                  updater but it’s a shame that the hidden details of when a security update that

                  is also a feature update will be made available to customers are not as

                  accessible as they should be.


                  However the information

                  that you have supplied fills in all of the gaps for me.


                  I have voted for the bug report that you

                  kindly linked to. Thank you again for your time.


                  Kind Regards,


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                  Please see the following post for more details.  I'll put together a FAQ on this and also get our help documentation/tech notes updated.  This was very confusing for me too. http://forums.adobe.com/message/4483381#4483381 I'd also like to recommend voting for the following bug: https://bugbase.adobe.com/index.cfm?event=bug&id=3211239 Chris




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