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    Performance Issues with CS5.5 -- Would like quick feedback

    Jay Saan

      Editing 1080p footage on the following system is slow (realtime playback, rendering, exporting):


      Intel Dual-core 1.30 GHz

      8GB RAM

      Nvidia G210M 512 MB

      Windows 7 64-bit


      My computer came installed with only 4 GB of memory so I figured installing 4 more would add a significant boost but nope. I also noticed my video card is a CUDA compatible but it is not on the list of supported cards; it only has 16 CUDA cores anyways. I'm guessing then that the video card is the most important component since I'm editing video after all and it only has a measly 512 MB.


      Back in 2008 I was editing on my school's Mac Pro with Final Cut Pro that I assume had lower or at least comparable specs as my comp (I bought this in 2010) and scrubbing was smooth, render times normal. Now I'm thinking that either PP is more hardware intensive than FCP or the Mac Pro was more tricked out than I remember it. Then again, I wasn't working with 1080p footage back then which probably explains the performance difference. Currently, rendering takes forever and exporting times (to H.264) for a 4-minute video go around 3 hours. Anyways, I'd just like someone to verify my suspicions or provide feedback because I'm stuck in self-denial believeing my computer has the potential to be great and I'm somehow lacking some trade secret tweaks or informaton.