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    Begginer needs help with what version of Photoshop?


      Let me clarify.....
      Back in 2008, I bought an E-Machine Desktop that had "Adobe Photoshop" bundled on it.
      I bought a new HP 6719C computer last year.
      It has no Photoishop program whatsoever.
      I LOVED my old version of Photoshop.
      The feature I liked most was the erasing Tool, were you could put your head on someone elses boday, and the "Clone" feature, to take out unwanted items in your pictures.e to Download a version of Adobe Photoshop, that closely resembles the Features I described above.
      Not looking for anything, super-dooper fancy.
      Just pretty much the Basics.
      So what is this "Adobe Elements" program all about.


      What would be the simpelest, least complicated program, to get me started after a 5 year Hiatus without Adobe Photoshop?