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    Run through frames backwards?


      I have a loop where I've added 1jpg/frame and it loops around a 3d room. Now i want to be able to go left and right in this room. Is there a way to make a set of frames play backwards?
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          Sorry to sound harsh, but people need to learn to use the online documentation. Here's a direct cut and paste from the Director 11 help file:

          Contents > Director Scripting Reference > Properties > frame



          -- Lingo syntax

          // JavaScript syntax

          Movie property; returns the number of the current frame of the movie. Read-only.


          This statement sends the playhead to the frame before the current frame:

          -- Lingo syntax
          _movie.go(_movie.frame - 1)

          // JavaScript syntax
          _movie.go(_movie.frame - 1);
          See also

          go(), Movie