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    PrE 10 - unable to burn in Blu-ray format to my hard drive


      I am trying my first HD video project ever.  I am using PrE 10.  I have long followed the practice of "burning" my (SD) projects to hard drive first, and then burning one or more DVDs from the DVD image on my hard drive -- the files in the appropriate VIDEO_TS directory.


      I would like to use the same process for Blu-ray discs.  My problem is that "Burn to: Folder" doesn't show as an option in PrE 10's Share tab within the Blu-ray disc settings.


      As background, I have recorded some test video clips on my Panasonic HC-X900M HD (AVCHD) camcorder.  The clips are recorded in AVCHD 1080/60i format - full HD but NOT progressive.  I created my PrE project using the following preset:  NTSC / AVCHD / Full HD 1080i 30 5.1 channel.  I imported my clips without problem.  I tried a little editing and menu design; they seemed to work fine.  Now I would like to create a Blu-ray disc image on my hard drive.  But my only choice is "Burn to: Disc."  Am I doing something wrong?




      P.S.  My computer runs Windows 7 64-bit, and it DOES have a Blu-ray burner (recognized by PrE 10), but I don't yet have any media to put in it!